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General Information

As an early stage startup, Agile Robotics is focusing majority of its effort on product development and refinement. Mr. Neil Henderson is the president of the company. He started Accelerated Technology, his first business in 1990. It was the developer and distributor of an embedded operating system. In slightly over a decade, Accelerated Technology gained public recognition for its success. He eventually sold the company. Apart from this, he also teaches at the University of South Alabama. At Agile Robotics, the team consists of individuals in different fields such as Information Systems, Engineering and Business Management. Apart from the Mac & Choo, several other projects including developing applications for smart phones and tablets on the Android operating system are currently in progress. In short integrating modern technology in every walk of life is our goal at Agile Robotics.

Mac & Choo

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At Agile Robotics, our team has worked meticulously to develop a robot, which superficially is a toy train, but possesses the potential to cure autism. Our goal is to introduce the robot, which will be called "Mac & Choo" to the patient at a very young age. The reason for this is that the curing process can begin well before the effects of the disease become adverse. Also, at this tender age, patients are more susceptible to education. This is when basic cognitive skills are developed.

And as always, you are more than welcome to come by our office and test the Mac & Choo for yourself. We have an observation room, where patients can play with the robot while our staff monitors. Just click on the Contact Us link on the left sidebar for our location. We look forward to seeing you soon!

What's New?

  • Our observation room is now open

  • Choo now has newly added web features

  • We are currently at work on phase four of the Mac & Choo Project.

  • Agile Robotics has joined forces with the Metro Consulting Grid.

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